Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello! Teachers start back to school ONLY 3 days before students this year, so all the teachers will be crazy busy during that Mon-Wed. I know that there is open registration on Mon. from 12-2:30, but I may not be in my room or available during that time. If you do come by, I may have a desk out with information that will also be handed out Tues. night. If I have my door closed, please do not be offended...I will be working hard to get everything ready for Tues. night. Back-to-School night for Sunrise Ridge will be Tues., 8/11. (Check with the office for times...probably 6-8 or something like that.) I would LOVE to meet everyone there. School will officially begin at 7:45 on Thursday, 8/13. I can't wait to meet you, and I promise we will have a blast learning about ancient civilizations (how we got here) this year!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A New School Year: 2009-2010

Welcome to my class blog...feel free to look around at some of the posts from last year. It will give you some idea of what information I like to share using the blog. I will also have an email contact list and will send regular emails with information. Please note, I also have direct links to the SRIS school page, the WCSD site, and also PowerSchool login. If you bookmark my blog, then you can go directly from here to any of those places.

I am looking forward to the new year! We will have a good time, learning about the contributions of ancient civilizations and doing projects.