Monday, July 12, 2010

Start of the School Year 2010-2011

Hello! Welcome to Mrs. White's main blog. If you are in my Social Studies class or one of my Thunderbolt Time classes, we will use this blog for assignment reminders, absent or extra copies, and a link to all kinds of adventures. This main blog will be sent to Moms and Dads throughout the year as a reminder of events as well.

Please notice that on the right hand side menu are links to most of the places you might want to visit, including the SRIS website, the WCSD website, PowerSchool login, and my Social Studies blog - where most assignment related items will be.

I am excited about this school year and to meet all of you! Remember, Back-to-School Night is Tuesday, Aug. 10, and school starts Wednesday, Aug. 11.


Abby said...

I am so excited for the school year! I have some "rockin" teachers

Kelsey Skinner

Abby said...


Katelyn said...

Best teacher ever!!!!!!

-Katelyn Stanard