Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greece...It's that time of year!

Dear Parents,
Probably the most popular unit of the year - Ancient Greece - is upon us. We will be doing a variety of activities: students presenting mini-lessons, creating pictures of Greek vases, and comparing some mythology. If your student has read Percy Jackson and the Olympians, then this will be their favorite time of year! We will be viewing Disney's Hercules in class, the last two days before Christmas break. Before we watch the movie, we will talk about the classical Greek heroes, Hercules' story specifically, and then we will create a book that will compare the story to the movie. You may be begged to watch Percy Jackson, or Clash of the Titans. Greek-themed movies have been very popular over time, but I am not asking students to watch movies their parents would find offensive. If you have any questions about our unit, please feel free to contact me... And enjoy your child's journey to Ancient Greece!

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