Thursday, April 28, 2011

20 School Days Left...

Dear Parents and Students,

We are coming to the end of our school year! There is still a LOT of important learning going on at school, and attendance (in mind and body) is really crucial. Make sure that during testing you are getting plenty of sleep and eating breakfast in the mornings! While we won't be having a CRT for Social Studies, we WILL be having our cumulative (everything from the whole year) post test. We will spend 3-4 days reviewing this information before we take the test. I have it scheduled that test for Thursday, May 19. This gives us plenty of time to finish all our learning and review.

Other important end-of-the-year dates:
1) Lunch money: may not be charged after May 2.
2) ALL library books (Media Center & Mrs. White): must be turned in by May 13. Fines will be assessed after that.
3) ALL fines and charges must be paid before students will be allowed to participate in end of the year activities.
4) ALL late work and test retakes MUST be done by Friday, May 13.

Thanks for all your support!
Mrs. White

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