Friday, September 24, 2010

1st Trimester MidTerm

It's the middle of 1st trimester...a good time to look at where kids are and make goals for the end of the trimester. I really appreciate all the communication I've had from parents this year. Please feel free to email me or call if you have a question about an assignment or grade. If you check PowerSchool on a regular basis, notice that some assignments (most of mine) show up in blue (hyperlink). There is more information about that assignment available if you click on it. "Official" midterm reports will be sent home with your child on Monday. According to the front office, parent-teacher conferences will be in mid-October (Tues., Oct 12 4-7pm and Wed., Oct 13 4-7pm)

These will work slightly differently than in the elementary. Teachers will all be centrally located in the commons(cafeteria) area, allowing parents to speak to all their child's teachers without running around the school. I look forward to meeting most of you those evenings!

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