Monday, October 11, 2010

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,

Parent-Teacher Conferences are this week: Tuesday and Wednesday, 10/12-10/13, from 4-7 pm each evening. There is no advanced sign up or scheduled appointment times for you to worry about. All the teachers will be gathered in the commons area, and you will be free to visit some or all of your child's teachers at your convenience. If you are unable to attend during those hours, and still would like to meet with me in person, please call or email to schedule a different time. I look forward to visiting with you!
Also, please remember that this upcoming weekend is UEA. There will be no school Friday 10/15, and Monday 10/18. We will be starting the new TBT Session (#3) on Wednesday, 10/20, because of that short week.
I have offered extra credit for our Mesopotamia (Hammurabi's Code - see the Social Studies blog) and for our Egypt unit. Instead of a test for the Egypt unit, students will be creating a book to demonstrate their learning. I have scheduled 2 weeks in class to work specifically on the books, including 4 days in the computer lab for research and typing. They will probably have to do some work at home, and may ask you for additional materials that I don't have available in the classroom. I can provide basic supplies, but don't have the resources to supply extra artistic supplies for 150 students.
ALL WORK (late, regular, and extra credit) MUST be turned in Friday, 10/29. Please check PowerSchool to see if your child is missing any assignments (will show as empty or 0). This is the day that my gradebook will close for the 1st trimester (which ends 11/5). This will give me time to get everything graded and recorded before that date.

Mrs. White

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